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May 4, 2014 (What is it with Gay Men and Small dogs?)

The guys are back and Rendal has a new microphone. They start with chat about the weather and appleblossom. Then slowly move into the topics. One is a mention of Ramble Redhead being on a list of top 5 Gay news and culture podcasts, then Chaos goes into a rant about stupid people in Wenatchee. After a call break Rendal talks about stuff, first being hosting Pride 48 Cards against humanity on Google Hangout Fridays at 9pm EST. Then talking about Rendal getting back into League bowling at Dutler’s bow in Mankato, starting with Spring Trio’s in the summer and Zombie Bowling league in the fall and winter. Talking about chanting brings up Supaman and his song the Prayer loop song (link in the Break Music) and then to the age old question, What is it with gay men and small dogs?

Back on break with a brief mention of Star Wars Day (May 4) and Fee Comic book Day (May 3). then we resume chat on the Gay people and small dogs idea with ItAllAboutDan and Toppie Smellie. We diverge too talking about burglars and guns to close out the show.

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Break Music

Supaman-Prayer Loop Song
Professor Fresh-I’m The Eye
Lindsey Sterling-Stars Align
Kwo0ky Womble-I’m Furry

January 26, 2014

Chaos and Rendal are around and it is interesting. After Chaos Skype quits Toppie Smellie of the Smellcast  visits for the first time since Pride 48.

Break Music

The 69 Eyes – Perfect Skin
Covenant – Call the ships to port
Christian Death – Angels and Drugs
DMX – How It’s Goin’ Down

September 7, 2013 (The Vegas Show)

this is a technical nightmare. Chaos was supposed to join via Google Hangout, but we had issues. SO to help our fan Toppie Smellie comes on to chat for a bit, as well as Rendal’s father who got roped into filling time while the issues worked themselves out.

It is only about 50 minutes, so hopefully not too hard on you.