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November 3, 2013

So we are back again. Good news, Ranting Gryphon Studios raised $2,222.22 for Extra Life :). Sadly Anthony Brownrigg’s Battlescars Indiegogo┬áhas only raised $210.

We get the ball rolling with chatter betwen us with topics including the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Excersize, Employment and other stuff.

Back from break with some strange dog antics. We steadily shift into Soap operas before moving to movies with Dark Shadows and Star Trek: Into the Darkness then just Star Trek and Star Wars in general until the shows ends.


Break Music

Bud Light – Mr. After Halloween Costume Shop Salesman
Foamy the Squirrel – Halloween Hoopla
Christian Death – Angels and Drugs
Savage Gypsy – Use You

September 22, 2013 (Sex, Star Trek, Theater and LOTS of Tangents)

So we HAD an idea of what we wanted to talk about,, and then we started talking >.>.

We start talking about Rendal and the Mankato Mosaic production Puppet Problems, Then we somehow segway into sex.

After the break we cover the Ricardo Montalban vs Bernard Cumberbatch as Khan debate. Then Rendal reads a bit from city of Lost Angels chat, and they finish up talking about the thought catalog article The 15 Gayest Songs of All Time.

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