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Speyeder 101 (1 Hour 20 Minutes)

Adam Burns of Dubious Intent (http://www.dubiousintent.com/) asked about the origin of my character after their show and I thought I would try to lay it out. It is rambling as this is the first time I’ve tried to dedicate a show to her before.

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Wayback Machine: December 26, 2006

I knew I had talked about my gender before and thought I would look for the earliest podcast I had done on it. below is the description of this Episode of Rendal’s Ravings. Audio levels might be a bit weird.

Well the main topic today ends up being Gender and how Physical and Spiritual Genders can conflict. I do talk about Christmas a bit too in the beginning. and as always the Bozo criminal of the Day and thought of the day make their appearance.

Song Played:
Gallagher-Talk About Love

Chaotic Thoughts: Pride 48 Vegas

speyeder corset_001

Since I am unable to be there this year I hijack the Pride 48 stream one ┬ámore time before the Vegas Event. I talk about my finances as the reason I can’t go this year. Then I get into missing being in Vegas with everyone, before giving a project I have for next year to dress as Speyeder and take pictures in Vegas.

Chaotic Thoughts: Weekend Chat

speyeder corset_001

Mags is alone today and decides to just do a Chaotic Thoughts Episode. He starts off by talking about the Mankato Pride weekend, the events and then the skeptic group he goes to Sunday and how some topics from there came up. Then delving into the character of Speyeder Farina, who is the show art today.

After that he tackles a religious article about thanking god over people for how things turn out. Talking about his life and how it has been helped by medicine, and then his thoughts on religion.


Chaotic Thoughts on Spreaker
Mankato Pridefest
God performed another miracle that so far has only killed 1400 people

Septemeber 15, 2013 (From Putin to Porn and Beyond!)

So we start out talking about Putin being in the running fro a Nobel Peace Prize. All goes well until the inevitable porn reference. Then ┬átalk shifts to Speyeder Farina and Rendal’s thought of transitioning and his wish he could become either Speyeder or Squirrel Girl.

Kody talks about porn and computer security and then talk about online radio.

Thanks to the GFN General and Toppie Smellie for joining us in the chat room =)

September 9, 2013 (Pride 48 in Vegas, Mags 101)

So Initially this was going to be a thoughts of Vegas show, and then I started talking.

If you wanted to know anything about Rendal, this is the place to go. It is 3 hours and I cover a LOT about what has made me the person I am today. I would’ve liked to talk about this in Vegas, but with my dad there, and technical issues, I never did. I start with a article I read by a transgender woman called “Can I be a girl now?”, this being the topic I wanted to cover in Vegas. then I talk about about two of the events that scarred me growing up, relationships, identity confusion, and yes I eventually make my way to Vegas.

I am looking very forward to Next year and will be there somehow. I hope everyone listening to this understands, I didn’t intend for this to be the show. When I start talking I go until I run out. This is years of waiting for the perfect opportunity to open up. Tonight turned out to be that night.

I have no doubt this will change how some people see me, some in a good way and some maybe in a bad way. Just know that the person you are listening to is the same person you met, and that without all of it I most likely wouldn’t be writing this now.

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