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Politics, Age & Sexuality (56 Minutes)

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Mags talks about politics for the first part of the show, culminating in a clip from President Obama’s speech about democracy and change.

Mags then talks about the link between aging and how it seems to affect sex. How listening to 2 Gryphon and Uncle Kage got the ball rolling on this topic being one to talk about.

Yoko Kanno – Real Folk Blues (thanks to Digital Enigma for telling me about this song)

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Chaotic Thoughts: Music and A to B

Mags starts off talking about music and how hearing Orinoco Flow by Enya opened his eyes to how different it can be. the topic then tuns to himself and his struggles with trying to move forward in various aspects of his life, to the point of even thinking about seeking professional help. 59 Minutes


Billy Joel – Through the Long Night

June 21, 2015 Pride 48 June Event

Mags does a 53 minute show live for the Pride 48 June event. With about 25-30 listeners he talks about his history in podcasting, various shows he has done, finding the furry culture and fan fiction writing, then talking to the room until closing out the show

December 1, 2013 (MST3K & Doctor Who)

So we start off catching up with Chaos in his van, talking about his financial and automotive problems.We go into Thankgiving problems where Rendal starts talking about family and sexuality.

The show returns after fixing up some connection issues. We start by mentioning the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon. Then Mentioning the article Mystery Science Theater 3000: 5 Overrated Episodes & 5 That Don’t Get The Love They Deserve (http://whatculture.com/tv/mystery-science-theater-3000-5-overrated-episodes-5-dont-get-love-deserve.php). Then shifting to Doctor who stuff with: Doctor Who: 10 Things That Need To Happen Before We See A Female Doctor & Doctor Who: 10 Most Ridiculous Uses Of The Sonic Screwdriver.

Mentioned in the show

Planet of Mars Gif

Moon Zero Two Intro

Break Music

Oasis – Wonderwall
Oasis – Champagne Supernova
Bud Light – Mr. All You Can Eat Buffet Inventor

November 17, 2013 (Barrel ‘O Stuff)

Update on Chaos, thoughts on his situation and the podcast future.

Doctor who chat with the room. We start with talking about the mini episode with the Paul McGann/John Hurt regeneration, and then into the basics and history of the show itself over the years.

Talk about the pride 48 30 Day Ab challenge, this months challenge being Abs and Squats. Also talking about stationairy biking and regular biking as well as thinking of going to a gym

The last bit of the show talks about relationship. There is a lot of chatter and I talk about my sexuality as well during it.

The clip after the normal close out was Urgelt reading A Grain of sand.

Break Music (Visit Lindsey Sterling’s You Tube Channel)

Bud Light – Mr. Hollywood Plastic Surgeon.
Lindsey Stirling – Crystalize
Lindsey Sterling – Shadows
Lindsey Sterling & Peter Hollens – Skyrim (Main Theme)

August 11, 2013 (Lots ‘O Stuff)

As usual when Chaos isn’t around Rendal goes off his medication so to speak and just goes all over 😛 topics include the AVG toolbar_log.txt issue for windows 7 along with a solution, Spam and the program Defraggler by Piriform (which is highly recommended).

After the break Rendal talks more about the Pride 48 Vegas event, his continued thoughts on his sexuality and gender, how his family factors into his decisions and what he might talk about during his Vegas show.

July 28, 2013 (Rendal goes all over the place)

So week 3 without Chaos and things still are nuts. Topics today include: Transgenderism, Online chat, Tuberous Sclerosis, religion and others along the way.