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August 17, 2014

The show starts with Mags talking about Parker Marie Malloy being a 2014 Exceptional Merit in Media Awards (EMMAs) Nominee. Then he starts talking about a article that was published called Transphobia is Perfectly Natural that caused Parker to pull her stuff off of Thought Catalog. The author, Gavin McInnes has since had some repercussions from it. Then Mags mentioned a Thought Catalog author he does enjoy reading Richard Grayson.

After the break Chaos joins the show and they talk about the new show Chaotic Thoughts. Then we talk about Robin Williams since we hadn’t covered in on this show yet then getting into the topic of depression.

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Chaotic Update (It was just a question)

So I posted a question on the Pride 48 group regarding this post from Zinnia Jones’ Free Thought blog, simply wondering what it was referring to since I am a fan of Zinnia. Today I got a very ugly response from Donna Suggarz, and well I responded. If I piss anyone off, just remember this is just throwing back what was given to me. I’m done with the being the bigger man and letting things fester inside me just so others won’t get upset.

Edit: Corrected Donna’s name.