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Rough Week (1 Hour 4 Minutes)

Thanks to  That Blue Jeans Guy(http://thatbluejeansguy.blogspot.com/) and Tim in Alaska for joining me in the Pride 48 (http://pride48.com) chat.

Mags has had a rough one this week. From Ear issues, to Pride and the kerfuffle with his Uncle. He also talks about gender and sexuality and how discovering this in your 40’s can be difficult, and gender discovery though online mediums.

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Chaotic Thoughts: Weekend Chat

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Mags is alone today and decides to just do a Chaotic Thoughts Episode. He starts off by talking about the Mankato Pride weekend, the events and then the skeptic group he goes to Sunday and how some topics from there came up. Then delving into the character of Speyeder Farina, who is the show art today.

After that he tackles a religious article about thanking god over people for how things turn out. Talking about his life and how it has been helped by medicine, and then his thoughts on religion.


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God performed another miracle that so far has only killed 1400 people