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Chaotic Interview: JC Little, the Animated Woman

Chaos Infintium and Raving Rendal get a chance to sit down with the Animated Woman, JC Little.

The Animated Woman
The Animated Woman on YouTube
My Life Me
Watch My Life Me Online

Little Animation 4 Kids

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October 20, 2013 (Anthony Interview Attempt)

So today wasn’t one of our better days >.> Just as the show would start the computer crashed, and didn’t get back up and running until over a half hour later >.<

Add the fact Rendal is still suffering from some undisclosed plague and Skype Connection issues and you have one Big Ball O’ Mess.

It is only a bit over an hour, We will try and get the interview done though sometime this week and will do it live if possible,

To see more stuff from Anthony check out his YouTube Channel

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