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Chaotic Thoughts: Work and Inspiration

Talking about working again (YAY) and finances (yawn :P) before talking about who inspired me in podcasting, namely 2 Sense and Greetings from Nowhere, the idea taken from John Ong’s Ongline episode of the same name. 1 Hour 13 Minutes


All done by 2 the Ranting Gryphon

Pawpets Song
Gay Pride
LSD #1

Response to Greetings from Nowhere

So listening to the latest Greetings From Nowhere episode I was brought up as an example of the benefit of a mob mentality being used for positive change. I figured I would, in my normally chaotic way talk about it. Also mentioned my new wireless headset, the Logitech H800. 47 Minutes.

If you play either Dice with Buddies (RavingRendal) or World of Warcraft (RavingRendal#1720) please feel free to hook up with me 🙂