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Chaotic Thoughts: Music and A to B

Mags starts off talking about music and how hearing Orinoco Flow by Enya opened his eyes to how different it can be. the topic then tuns to himself and his struggles with trying to move forward in various aspects of his life, to the point of even thinking about seeking professional help. 59 Minutes


Billy Joel – Through the Long Night

June 21, 2015 Pride 48 June Event

Mags does a 53 minute show live for the Pride 48 June event. With about 25-30 listeners he talks about his history in podcasting, various shows he has done, finding the furry culture and fan fiction writing, then talking to the room until closing out the show

December 28, 2014 Captain Prozac

Mags thinks he is going to do a short show and it ends up longer than intended. TimmySimms, ToppieSmellie, ItsAllAboutDan and Kiraniumbra were in the chat room.

topics were mainly relationships, gender and other heavier things.