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Fur Squared 2017 (34 Minutes)

So Mags has survived the convention. While I don’t talk about everything, I did want to do something about it. It was a wonderful time 🙂


George S Clinton – Austin Powers Theme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90h2gLgTz5g)

Dr BEES – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYtXuBN1Hvc

Fur Squared 2017 Schedule – https://fursquared2017.sched.com/

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May 22 2013 (Games, goths, Furries and Comics)

We start off chatting and make our way to games with Plague Inc and Pac Man. then we make our way to World goth Day, which segues into Furries and then Furries in Comics.

February 27 2013

Despite Chaos not being able to make the show tonight, and having a panic attack right before it, the show managed to go live!

I talk about the acting I have done and how I got into theater, then the fact that I am in a musical and a 1 act play, both running in April. I am playing a bit part in one and a main role in another, so fun times ahead.

After the break someone talks to me for a while about the Furry fandom, then the chat room and I reminisce about old TV show and themes, which was a lot of fun actually 🙂

February 20, 2013

Well tonight was interesting as we Foul Monkeys before us and we had quite a few straglers in the room, which was fun 🙂

Talking about lots off odd topics: Religion and the Pope, weird shaped dildos, furry fandom and more.

Also Romo from Podcubs continues to play distract the straight guy.

My Fursona Speyeder Farina

Chaos Break count: 5