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Dreams and Thanks to GFN (50 Minutes)

Thanks to Second Life friends Annie and Samantha Han for joining the chat.

So Mags has had a fun day. Talk about a doctor’s appointment and work before heading into the topic of dreams. Then topic shifts to the announcement from Greeting From Nowhere on them ending their show and how getting cast in his first play led to how he has been able to be who he is today.

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Mucking about in Mags’ brain

Mags is on his own. talk starts off with talking about Pride 48 Vegas, and how he wishes he could attend. Then he talks about going to an art show for a friend and what happened there. Things then get metaphysical as he talks about interpreting his dreams and experiences in life that have helped shaped his free thinker view.

Chaotic Thoughts: Suicide

Mags again attempts to stick to a topic, this time suicide. As usually he veers off the rails quite a bit talking about percetpion, spirituality, dreams and being transgendered.

you can read the article by Matt Walsh that prompted this here: Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice


Lesbian Bed Death-Everybody’s Dead