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April 16 Siblings (25 Minutes)

Mags talks about spending time with his sister and feeling more positive about things than he has in a long time


America – Man’s Road

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Mags – SpeyederFarina (PC)
ChaosInftium (PS4)

Dice/Yahtzee with Buddies: RavingRendal

Chaotic Thoughts: Outish

So thinking lately about how out I am. I am out to the people of Pride 48 and the internet, or whomever listens to my podcasts. The people who I see in life though is another issue. I can’t seem to bring it up. I’m still worried of being seen as a disappointment. 24 Minutes

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August 11, 2013 (Lots ‘O Stuff)

As usual when Chaos isn’t around Rendal goes off his medication so to speak and just goes all over 😛 topics include the AVG toolbar_log.txt issue for windows 7 along with a solution, Spam and the program Defraggler by Piriform (which is highly recommended).

After the break Rendal talks more about the Pride 48 Vegas event, his continued thoughts on his sexuality and gender, how his family factors into his decisions and what he might talk about during his Vegas show.