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June 14, 2015

Chaos and Mags are back. Topics include work, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Christopher Lee and Dusty Rhodes, Pride 48 June Event, comics.



February 6, 2015



Mags and Chaos catch up talking about work, theater, Second Life and Pride 48.

Then they discuss the topic of Pride characters in comics. Music is X Ambassadors – Jungle




September 28, 2014

The boys are back, talking about work, Pride 48, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, the six hour show and more.

Dear DC Comics, This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Creative Little Girls Behind


Grimes feat. Blood Diamonds – Go
Lorde – Glory and Gore

June 8, 2014 (I’m a cuddle-slut)

Mags has the show to himself. topics include Pride 48 Cards against humanity, That blue Jeans guy, cybersex, writing and comics.


Gunmen kill 2 police officers, another person and themselves in Las Vegas

My stories mentioned

Reflection (Sylvannas & Spirit of Vengence)
Brothers Battle: Epilouge
Crossing Over (Blink and Death)

Break Music

Professor Elemental-All In together EP
Symphony of Science-We Are All Together

May 22 2013 (Games, goths, Furries and Comics)

We start off chatting and make our way to games with Plague Inc and Pac Man. then we make our way to World goth Day, which segues into Furries and then Furries in Comics.