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Chaotic Thoughts: #ALS and Pamela Anderson

A special edition of Chaotic Thoughts today as Chaos Infintium and Raving Rendal tackle an interesting twist in the #ALS Ice bucket Challenge, which date has raised $70.2 Million. This is a VERY inflamatory episode, listen at your own risk.

Links Mentioned

Pamela Anderson Rejects Ice Bucket Challenge Because Of ALS Animal Testing History
Facebook post that brought about this conversation (link might not work for public, but is here to present what brought this about).
The most current article from ALS on the funds raised from this “Fad”

I’m brain dead today. Erp-a-derp

Chaos and Mags are back and start of talking about last weeks show, racism in Nowhere, work and more.

The second hour talk s about Mags and his family going to Mankato State University’s production of Hairspray, also talking about race and language with a stop at Long Dong Silver.

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Links Mentioned

Satyr 69’s You Tube Channel
Uncle Kage’s Furries and the Media
Eastport Apartments in Mankato
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2 The Ranting Gryphon – America
Corey Reynolds;Danelle Eugenia Wilson – Run And Tell That!
Satyr 69 – Timeless to Me

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AC/DC – Big Balls

I have healthy fear of flying cock (We’re so sorry Nicole)

Chaos is back and he and Mags chat for an hour during the Pride 48 June Online Event. There is no way this is safe for work, or anywhere else for that matter.

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Links Mentioned


June 1, 2014 (Insight into Rendal and Chaos Returns)

So Rendal has a deep topic today, Elliot Rodger. He delves into his past “romantic” life, the signs that he was ASexual, that he didn’t catch. How growing up with a respect for the law prevented him from becoming just like Elliot.

Chaos comes back in the second hour and we talk about him finally having a job and some stories relatng to it.

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Links about Elliot

Elliot Rodger Gay? Fox News Guest Says ‘Homosexual Impulses’ May Have Triggered Shootings
In The Last 33 Years, 70 Of The 71 Mass Murderers In The U.S. All Had 1 Thing In Common
Yes All Women

How often do we masturbate?

Help fund Tuberous Schlorosis Complex research


Tim Minchin college address

May 18, 2014 (Lots of chit chat)

After some tech issues, we get going with the guys talking about “renovations” in Mankato and Wenatchee, and a new apartment setup in Wenatchee. We then move into stuff like Rendal’s Car, Section 8, and jobs. Then we talk about age, weight and such.

Back after the break and getting some plugs in. ItsAllAboutDan brings up Rush Limbaugh winning children choice Book award for author of the year? Chaos talks about Huffington Post article The Lies I learned from Dumb TV. We talk about Doug Ford being an asshole. Then we revisit an fun topic, men playing women in video games. Shout out: Montevideo city council to consider resolution supporting construction of medical cannabis manufacturing and distribution facility. Chaos closes the show with a story from his week.

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Raving Rendal’s Audio Boo
Step forward for TSC (Rendal’s Link for a walk on June 8th)
Redal’s video review of J.C. Littles book Motherhood

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Lindset Sterling & Pentatonix-Radioacive
Sailor Moon-The Power of Love
Ayreon-Day Eleven: Love

May 4, 2014 (What is it with Gay Men and Small dogs?)

The guys are back and Rendal has a new microphone. They start with chat about the weather and appleblossom. Then slowly move into the topics. One is a mention of Ramble Redhead being on a list of top 5 Gay news and culture podcasts, then Chaos goes into a rant about stupid people in Wenatchee. After a call break Rendal talks about stuff, first being hosting Pride 48 Cards against humanity on Google Hangout Fridays at 9pm EST. Then talking about Rendal getting back into League bowling at Dutler’s bow in Mankato, starting with Spring Trio’s in the summer and Zombie Bowling league in the fall and winter. Talking about chanting brings up Supaman and his song the Prayer loop song (link in the Break Music) and then to the age old question, What is it with gay men and small dogs?

Back on break with a brief mention of Star Wars Day (May 4) and Fee Comic book Day (May 3). then we resume chat on the Gay people and small dogs idea with ItAllAboutDan and Toppie Smellie. We diverge too talking about burglars and guns to close out the show.

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Supaman-Prayer Loop Song
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Kwo0ky Womble-I’m Furry

March 30, 2014 (Employment, Madness Mayhem and Charity)

Maggie the Cat

Maggie the Cat

Chaos and Rendal are back for another week. We start by having Chaos catching us up on the situation regarding the home he mentioned last week. We then shift into Employment and living on little money as well as job hunting in Wenatchee, WA.

Chaos runs into phone problems so Rendal starts off the second hour alone. the first thing talked about is the Madness, Mayhem and Charity event to sponsor IAVI, a non profit looking for an AIDS vaccine. Next is chatting about the Extra Life project, links below. Next up is the Step Forward To Cure TSC, Rendal is thinking about walking in the St. Paul event. Last up is pets, including Rendal’s parents cat Maggie who is show in the picture above.

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Links Mentioned

Madness, Mayhem and Charity on Facebook
Rendal’s Extra Life Link
Maelynd’s Extra Life Link

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Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford-If I Close My Eyes Forever ()
The New Vaudville Band-Winchester Cathedral ()
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March 23, 2014 (Guest Hosts)

This week we have the Dan from Its All About Me podcast. We start off with technical issues and then talk about Sim City and the furstre.am room. We also talk about Pride 48 Vegas and the State of the Station.We then chat about Imogen Heap’s Mi.mu device. We then deal with some tech issues with the stream and chat a bit.

The second have Toppie Smellie from the Smellcast and then later Chaos comes back. Shyfur plays “Stump the hosts” with a question about a USA state name. Chaos gives us an update on his living situation. We then shift chat to computers. Chaos brings up the Fred Phelps death and Toppie brings up a interview on Feast of Fun Podcast with Shirley Phelps, while Chaos brings up the Kevin Smith movie Red State. Game chat takes over with talk about the Sim’s game  and then talking about gaming in general with a shout out to Retromaina by Ranting Gryphon Studios on You Tube.

This Episode’s file got split somehow. I pasted it together so there might be a hiccup about 20 minutes in. Episode is also 30 minutes long

Furstre.am Chat Room

Cosmic Popsicle

Break Music

Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun
Marilyn Manson-Tainted Love
Dale Oliver-Take You Under

March 2, 2014 (Games and Porn)

Chaos and Rendal are back again this week. We have Buhlou from Podcubs, Cosmic Popsicle and late in the show Joey from Cocktails and Creampuffs in the Pride 48 chat room, as well as a visit from Bio hazzard in the Furstre.am chat room. Most of the hour first hour is gaming chat of some kind.

The second hour covers an article about an article about a truck driving into a grocery store, and then a death where Rendal lives. That is followed up with a list of 20 people you might not know were gay, taking a side to joke about age, then veer off into the land of porn and other random topics.

We do go long.

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The Prodigy-Voodoo People
Neuroticfish-They Are Coming To Take
Collide-the Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum (Extended)

February 23, 2014

Dan from It’s all about M.E. comes on to chat with Chaos and Rendal today. After the break Chaos and Dan, along with Toppie Smellie in the Pride 48 chat room, tackle the Bad Dragon site.

Link Mentioned

Bad Dragon

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