Live Show February 18 (1 Hour 5 Minutes)

So Mags is back again. Some leg pain today which makes me a bit irritable. I talk at first about social online stuff with Second Life and Warcraft. I include talking about guilds I’m in (Forbidden Kingdom on Khadgar Alliance, Brogrounds Horde Bonechewer and Taint on Proudmore Alliance ( Bowling gets brought into it too and the thought that maybe spending $110 to feel like shit is a bit much to spend every month.

We have another Bozo Criminal of the Week report –

First story is a bit about South Dakota and a bill which has made it through the Senate. this bill would force ANY STUDENT to go to the bathroom that is  based on their “chromosome and anatomy” at birth.

A VERY Supermassive Black hole has been found. This coming after Black Holes helped discover Gravitation waves.

Crystal Data Storage is a thing now, It can hold up to 360 Terabytes.

Daniel Bryan has Retured from wrestling. This is an older one but I did want to mention it because I have enjoyed watching him. This is a long version of what I play on the show.

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