Chaotic Thoughts the Chrima Card

Mags give thanks to all the people who have entertained him over the year.

Pride 48 shows (

Vera Speaks for Real
Big Fatty Online
Ramble Redhead
It’s All about M.E.D.
Dubious Intent +
That Blue Jeans Guy
Pleased to Meet You
Life on the Shit List
Greetings From Nowhere
Cocktails and Creampuffs
Poke it with a Stick
Catching Up
Pod Cubs
Ding Da Bell
The 5 by 5
Game Night Guys
Inked, Blind and Confused
Jaded City
the Satyrsphere

Other Podcasts

Hello Internet
Zero Punctuation
Uncivil War
Don’t Get Your Hopes Up
Welcome to Night Vale
TED Talk

You Tube

Zinnia jones
CGP Grey
Ranting Gryphon Studios
PBS Idea Channel
Schizophrenic Queen
Glove and Boots