Sex in Hell (If There’s Sex They Will Come)

Chaos and Rendal are back, Chaos’ Mic sounds are unfortunately un editable. In the first hour we mention about comics, Rule 34, Zinnia
Jones’¬†upcoming wedding, congrates to Lindsey Sterling’s Crystalize Video 100 Million views! We take a side road to sex, with Choas talking about a
Sex conversation he had at work.

the second show is just general chatter, focusing on Pride 48 2015 and getting both members there. Jenny McCarthy’s Hillary Clinton Lesbian Remark. Nathan Lane on sexuality in acting, Chaos and Rendal
talking about their experiences in acting. Gay Avenger. 8 Things never to say to an Asexual.

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Zinnia Jones You Tube

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Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse
Switchblade Symphony – Dollhouse

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