July 20, 2014

Opening Clip

Ze Frank Are You Human on TED

We start off with Chaos giving us a fire update fom Washington State. We tend to miander a bit until the break where Chaos signs off.

After the break Rendal takes over. SL taking things to far with virtual flesh jack? (NSFW Picture) (ProductIdolizing Dead People. Big Deal Poetry Open Stage-possibly reading a couple poems?

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Events this week

For The Love of hip hop (Friday July 25th 4-11pm)
Annual Pride cookout (Saturday, 26 noon-3 PM)


July 13, 2014 show downloads – 13

Links Mentioned

Timothy McCormick-It gets better 2.0 

Break Music

Epic Rap Battles of History-Hitler vs Darth Vader
Epic Rap Battles-Hitler vs Darth Vader 2

Epic Rap Battles-Hitler vs Darth Vader 3
Lesbian Bed Death-I Use My Rap Battles For Evil

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