May 18, 2014 (Lots of chit chat)

After some tech issues, we get going with the guys talking about “renovations” in Mankato and Wenatchee, and a new apartment setup in Wenatchee. We then move into stuff like Rendal’s Car, Section 8, and jobs. Then we talk about age, weight and such.

Back after the break and getting some plugs in. ItsAllAboutDan brings up Rush Limbaugh winning children choice Book award for author of the year? Chaos talks about Huffington Post article The Lies I learned from Dumb TV. We talk about Doug Ford being an asshole. Then we revisit an fun topic, men playing women in video games. Shout out: Montevideo city council to consider resolution supporting construction of medical cannabis manufacturing and distribution facility. Chaos closes the show with a story from his week.

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Raving Rendal’s Audio Boo
Step forward for TSC (Rendal’s Link for a walk on June 8th)
Redal’s video review of J.C. Littles book Motherhood

Break Music

Lindset Sterling & Pentatonix-Radioacive
Sailor Moon-The Power of Love
Ayreon-Day Eleven: Love

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