April 13, 2014 (Blarg and ItsAllAboutDan)

Rendal starts late after some technical problems, then rambles a bit with the chat room.

Dan from the It’s All About Me¬†joins us with chat about mic stuff, and dealing with some more tech issues, and games including Faster Than Light.

Join us either in the Pride 48¬†Chatroom Or at Raving Rendal’s Furstream

Contact us Via E-Mail at chaoticravings@gmail.com or leave a voicemail for us via Google Voicemail at 209-730-6637

Break Music

Ray Stevens-The Mississippi Squirrel Revival
Steve Martin-Atheists Don’t Have No Songs
Steve Martin-Jubilation Day
Steve Martin-King Tut
Sheb Wolley-That’s My Pa

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