March 23, 2014 (Guest Hosts)

This week we have the Dan from Its All About Me podcast. We start off with technical issues and then talk about Sim City and the room. We also talk about Pride 48 Vegas and the State of the Station.We then chat about Imogen Heap’s device. We then deal with some tech issues with the stream and chat a bit.

The second have Toppie Smellie from the Smellcast and then later Chaos comes back. Shyfur plays “Stump the hosts” with a question about a USA state name. Chaos gives us an update on his living situation. We then shift chat to computers. Chaos brings up the Fred Phelps death and Toppie brings up a interview on Feast of Fun Podcast with Shirley Phelps, while Chaos brings up the Kevin Smith movie Red State. Game chat takes over with talk about the Sim’s game  and then talking about gaming in general with a shout out to Retromaina by Ranting Gryphon Studios on You Tube.

This Episode’s file got split somehow. I pasted it together so there might be a hiccup about 20 minutes in. Episode is also 30 minutes long Chat Room

Cosmic Popsicle

Break Music

Soundgarden-Black Hole Sun
Marilyn Manson-Tainted Love
Dale Oliver-Take You Under

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