February 9, 2014 (Furstre.am and Announcements)

Chaos and Rendal are back again and the first topic is Russia and the Sochi Olympics. We switch to Uncle Kage’s Winestream on Furstre.am, and then talk for about about our podcasts and people we would like to interview.

Facebook photo article. Talking about the Mibbit Chat room for Pride 48. General chat before talking about Shia LeBeouf and his antics during the Nymphomaniac premiere.


JC Little, The Animated Woman, will do an interview
with us at 2PM EST on Pride 48 Sunday the 16th.

Chaotic Ravings will be hosting a Pride 48 Cards aginst
humanity on Google Hangouts Saturday the 15th.

Links Mentioned

Chaos Infintium’s Furstre.am
Raving Rendal’s Furstre.am
Watch Uncle Kage’s Winstreams on You Tube
Rule #34

Break music

The Immortals – Hypno House (Mortal Kombat)
DJ Acras – Bubble Bobble DjArcas Bubbl Techno OC ReMix
The Wingless – World of Warcraft All Nations Rise OC

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