September 29, 2013 (We’ve Crapped out Cthulhu)

We’ve Crapped out Cthulhu

Starting off the show with some theater talk, The show Rendal was in, Puppet Problems closed this week.

Chaos is having a spider problem, which he made the mistake of causing himslef >.>.

Back from break Austrailia is talked about a bit, picking up from comments before the break.

Rendal talks about the podcasts The Satyrsphere and Welcome to Night Vale, and also the train wreck phone call into the recent episode of The Satyrsphere.

Chaos talks about being blamed for everything and how a past life may explain his current one.

The show gets derailed for a moment when disucussing baby murlocks, and then somehow including Dogma and fan fiction.

Tangent over to the healthy eating craze to finish out the show,

Break Music

Jupiter Crayons-Earthbound Rings of Saturn valley
dimmer-Super Mario Bros. Underworld Remix
Russel Cox-Actraiser Thy Followers

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