A Fur-House Divided, The Furry Fandom Has Split Itself In Twain (1 Hour 2 Minutes)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6T6kut_NxE

The Run Down:

► Cheap BullShots between Chaos and Rendal before Diving into things

► A Word of Warning to #BoozyBadger and his Drinking Antics on Twitch

► The Furry Fandom Divided, when your stuff stinks don’t think someone won’t dig it up

► RMFC is a prime example of causalities of this divide even if their Taxes were the Prime reason

► It May Be Hard to Leave the Politics at the Door… But Leave The Politics At The Door… After all a Fur-House Divided Will Fall.

► You Can Believe, Think, and Follow One Ideal and STILL get along with people who are Diametric Opposites… ENGAGE IN SOME COGNITIVE DISSONANCE YOU FOOLS

Reference Links
► Symphonics Departure from the Furry Fandom:

► Kothorix Is The Furry Fandom Better Off Split?

►2 Gryphon Barred from AnthroCon

► A Fandom Divided | Culturally F’d Episode 49


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