October 19, 2017 (1 Hour)

I think that is the right date >.>

Adieu to Bulma and Malcolm Young EAnicron over reached RP Is Weird and Turkey Events

The Run Down
► Alcohol, Sarsaparilla, Root Beers, Old Drinks and WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS!?!?
► Look don’t judge for stroking the Yeti or the Swingin Arm
► Important Economic Stuff You Need To Know… Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Weekly, FIGHT! 
► Turkey Days, The Blackest Fridays, The Cybering Mondays, and Furry Pron… One of these things is not like the other
► EAnicron Underestimations and More Backlashes, Governments are stepping in on this now
► We bid adieu to Tsuru Hiromi March 1960 – November 2017 the OG V.O. of Bulma Briefs, Meryl Strife, and Ukyo Kuonji.
► Rendal is such a heathen about not watching anime… Like getting him to watch Sailor Moon Crystal
► Malcolm Young of AC/DC passed away also…. Dammit the childhoods are hurting!
► Roleplaying Gets weird at times…. and Sheriff Eli of GTA5RP forced to quit

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