#BlizzCon2017 #WrapUp #Warcraft Coverage and Theory Crafting (1 hour 46 Minutes)

The Run Down

► Picking up were the last video left off! 
► We’re diving deep into Legion vs Battle for Azeroth Cinematics
► The Warfronts, What Are they Good For? Besides RTS Nostaglic Goodness that gives people Mahogany!
► The Sites and Sights, The Sounds, and Beauty of Kul Tiras and Zandalar
► The end of PVP/PVE Server Divisions… WHAT?!?
► Sub Races, MOAR ELVES! MOAR TAUREN AND TROLLS! MOAR… Dwarves? Really Dwarves? and Freaking Draenei? Yeesh Wheres the Crazy Naga?
► Containment in the Breaches with New Dungeons and Raid
► Chaos has a mean hatred for Classic Hypu
► Island Expeditions and The Zany Shenanigans they’ll present
► ALL THE LORE AND THEORY CRAFTING! ALL OF IT! Teldrassil was an inside job? Are The Naaru truly Light Sided Old Gods? Wheres N’zoth!?!


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