#BlizzCon2017 #WrapUp With #FinalThoughts and #Reactions Part 1 (1 Hour 8 Minutes)

Rendal and Chaos spent a chunk of time discussing Blizzcon. So much so that they needed to break it up.

The Run Down

► Initial Thoughts Between Rendal and Chaos

► Overwatch, The Good and the Great from BlizzCon

► Heroes of The Storm, We Heart Alexstrasza

► Starcraft HD Remaster and SC2 Free To Play Goodness

► Look We still Don’t Give 2 Squirts or a Snit about E-Sports

► And We Play Hearthstone Summoning Card, ADORKABLE DEVELOPER!

► What’s this to be continued in a part 2?!?! WHAT!? Yes All the World of Warcraft and Theory Craft/Speculations for WoW is in another video!

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