October 21, 2016 (1 Hour 3 Minutes)

watch on You Tube here: https://youtu.be/KinNjAOe-Yo

►So Next Attempt At making an episode… After a failed attempt
►Mindflayers, Copyright, and RuPauls Drag Race.. Where is this going?
►When You Enter the Track Ball Dome, Gaming gets weird… Like Rendals Qualifications as a Hoo-man
►And Somehow we devolve to wrestling… Oh Rendal is going to see a wrestling show..
►Wrestling is like Vaudeville… Look just go with it
►Chaos’ Package needed Checking.. And society needs the warning labels removed
► Zany Work Schedules and Chaos Vapes like a man with nothing better to do
► Being Healthy has never been so dirty
►Halloween Is A Coming.. and is anyone surprised Chaos is a pagan?
►When One Pads a resume… Be careful how much experience you actually put on a resume
► Tis That Time of the Year… BLIZZCON! And BlizzCon Goodies
►The Next Pride48 Where Will It be?!?

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