The Ravings Return, a New Format Appears! (1 Hour 12 Minutes)

Rendal is lazy so this is just audio pulled from the video. you can watch it here:

► New Format We Have Video now! After 10,000 Hours We ARE FREE TO INFECT THE INTERNETS!

►We Stop the show for a moment to briefly describe Chaos’ responses to people posting stupid things about the Las Vegas Tragedy

►Now the seriousness is over Chaos has a love for Jim Sterlings Penetrator Bat and talks about the getting healthy and the ways Boogie2988 and Streamer Towelliee have gotten healthier ►Any Evil Corporation out there start making Packaged Fruit Slices besides Crunch Pak and Pak-It-Rite

►Our Strange relations with younger gamers complaining about Cuphead and why Gadgets on the Loo are a bad idea

►Lab Rat and Dryder Fursonas and Snozz’s IRL Streaming

►Why this isn’t a normal show being all over the place, upgrades to tools and formats, and other things

► Shots Fired at Gail Simone being an idiot and Evil Dead The Musical The Tour reactions

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