Recycled (1 Hour 9 Minutes)

the boys return again. We do a little catching up before delving into things. First shout out is to Big Fatty ( who’s father is in the hospital and whom we hope things go easy for. Next is Chaos talking about his start to quitting smoking, currently on a Vape pen. Mags has given up coffee/ caffeine and a lot of sugar as well. Then a bit of blather about weather.

Chaos then goes off on the Resident Evil franchise reboot and then just media reboots in general. Destiny 2 is coming to PC thanks to Blizzard.

Chaos then veers into Mr Rodgers talking about the twitch channel that is streaming all of the episodes in order (, with Mags then chatting about BritBox (

Things get a odd turn then with various porn chat for a bit ultimately ending up with a Amazon search that yielded the result of Dragonbreath #1 by Ursula VernonĀ (

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