Furry stuff and Social Securitry (1 Hour 7 Minutes)

So I was scared to seeĀ in the notes that the Chaotic Ravings episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz9Pfo07EpY&t) Chaos and I did was a topic of the recent Dragget show (https://soundcloud.com/the-dragget-show/ep-156-pit-of-puppies). Xander and Alkali though were very nice in what they said and I thank them for that.

This kicks off me talking about discovering the Furry Fandom and the origins of the names Raving Rendal, Mairia (My first fursona) and Speyeder Farina (My current fursona). I talk about finding the fandome in about 1996, the fun with modems, newsgroups, IRC and MUCKS. for Raving Rendal I talk about his creation thanks to be part of Trekadence, a start trek group and how I came with with his name and eventual origin.

Next is finances, specifically Social Security. They are doing a 20 year review of my jobs, as they are wanting to know if I am able to work. I’m not sure how this will turn out honestly.

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