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January 31 Live show

Chaos and Mags back again live on the Pride 48 stream. discussing health, money, tv and other stuff.

The Saturday Night Gaming Video –

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Live show January 28, 2016


Mags is live on Prided 48 hoping to get into doing Chaotic Thoughts live Thursdays at 9pm EST. Talk goes from politics, to cars, money and life.

Article mentioned during the show:

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Son of Freshman Frustration (1 Hour 7 Minutes)

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Domestic Terrorism in Burns, Oregon (12 Minutes)

Mags looks into the Domestic Terrorism situation that has developed in Burns, Oregon.

Stories cited:

Ranches face addition jail time (to get the facts of the original sentencing) –

East Oregon Ranchers Convicted Of Arson Resentenced to Five Years In Prison –

Response to Oregon Militia Standoff Reveals Stark Double Standard –