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September 27, 2015 (40% Dick)

Chaos and Mags talking about things such as being a dick, furry porn, television, work, Halloween, Horror Movies, Cartoons and Voice Acting and Doctor Who. 2 hours 6 minutes

Chaotic Thoughts: Music and A to B

Mags starts off talking about music and how hearing Orinoco Flow by Enya opened his eyes to how different it can be. the topic then tuns to himself and his struggles with trying to move forward in various aspects of his life, to the point of even thinking about seeking professional help. 59 Minutes


Billy Joel – Through the Long Night

Chaotic Thoughts: Work and Inspiration

Talking about working again (YAY) and finances (yawn :P) before talking about who inspired me in podcasting, namely 2 Sense and Greetings from Nowhere, the idea taken from John Ong’s Ongline episode of the same name. 1 Hour 13 Minutes


All done by 2 the Ranting Gryphon

Pawpets Song
Gay Pride
LSD #1

Chaotic Thoughts: Vera Charles and Wagons

After listening to Auntie Vera Charles’ Latest episode 946 – Feeling Friday Edition (, I wanted to talk about how much Vera has meant to me. Also chcek out Big Fatty’s September 9, 10 and 11 2015 shows with Auntie Vera (

Also talking more about falling off the wagon. How it has become more of a problem than when it started, possibly because of the Vegas Expo and being so comfortable there. I also talk about another wagon, alcohol.