Monthly Archives: July 2015

Pride 48 Agnostic

I start talking about the recent Pride 48 state of the station and then about a chat my mom and I had regarding it. Somehow I then swing to religion and how I look at being agnostic. 43 Minutes.


Steve Martin and the Steep Country Rangers – Atheists Don’t Have No Songs

Falling off the Wagon

a rather befuddled Mags tries to figure out what happens now that masturbation is a thing in his life again. 41 Minutes


Chaotic Thoughts: Lets Talk Science

Its amazing what you think of when you want to sleep. Mags does a early (for him) morning where he talks about science and two ideas he has been thinking about; a magnetic force field and a tachyon powered time window.

10 reasons why time travel is no good –

Chaotic Thoughts: Outish

So thinking lately about how out I am. I am out to the people of Pride 48 and the internet, or whomever listens to my podcasts. The people who I see in life though is another issue. I can’t seem to bring it up. I’m still worried of being seen as a disappointment. 24 Minutes

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