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Chaotic Thoughts: It’s Crap

ASexual Spectrum

yup started out good, then I tried to get Chaos on…and it went to shit. I just don’t want to waste what started as a good unless you have no life whatsoever I’d stop it when I ask if he wants to join.47 Minutes…about 22 minutes to long 😛

Chaotic Thoughts: Damp Rag

So the Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 for marriage equality. While that is amazing, don’t think the struggle is over in any way, there is still a long way to go. 20 Minutes

June 21, 2015 Pride 48 June Event

Mags does a 53 minute show live for the Pride 48 June event. With about 25-30 listeners he talks about his history in podcasting, various shows he has done, finding the furry culture and fan fiction writing, then talking to the room until closing out the show

Wayback Machine: December 26, 2006

I knew I had talked about my gender before and thought I would look for the earliest podcast I had done on it. below is the description of this Episode of Rendal’s Ravings. Audio levels might be a bit weird.

Well the main topic today ends up being Gender and how Physical and Spiritual Genders can conflict. I do talk about Christmas a bit too in the beginning. and as always the Bozo criminal of the Day and thought of the day make their appearance.

Song Played:
Gallagher-Talk About Love

June 14, 2015

Chaos and Mags are back. Topics include work, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, Christopher Lee and Dusty Rhodes, Pride 48 June Event, comics.

Chaotic Thoughts: Comics

Comics chatter today. Topics include Marvel’s Secret Wars title A-Force comic, John Byrne and Transexuals and #WeWantWidow. 22 Minutes