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Chaotic Thoughts: What’s Up?

Mags talks about the What’s Up Lounge, a local venue, closing.

Finite exposure Episode with Professor Fresh –

Chaotic Thoughts: Ace Plus

Mags is confused about A Positive people and the difference between being Asexual and Aromantic. he also discusses his role as the Husband in the Good Doctor skit the Seduction and mentions the webcomic Girls With Slingshots.


Chaotic Thoughts: True Friends

Mags breaks down while reading something.

In case you can’t make any of it out:

the end of a dream ( History that hasn’t happened.)
Groom Lake, NV – 2523 AD
Further in, the sand covers the runways, and ruins of building of one of what was once the most powerful, and secretive military bases in the ‘free world’.

For many years it was my home, along with my unit…my family.

Now only two of us remain. The great predator of time, having claimed the others.

And so, it is now our tomb as well.

They went before us, each getting older, and frailer, until they passed only to be seen in memories long gone. Even the undying vampires among us finally chose one last sunrise, and were interred along with the rest. Even my own children, and their children.

The vault that held the systems meant to keep us all alive, run only enough of the lights to allow the path to where this began to be seen, 120 meters below the Nevada desert, a recording of my memories of each of them interred with what remains of my comrades, my friends…my family.

I watched over them all, and now, they watch over me. 485 years later. Only the drider that took pity on me when I first left this place remains, in her vigil over the cylinder that holds me in my cryogenic sleep.

I hope that I will see them all again, when the cold takes me back into it’s arms, to sleep until we are needed…or needed never more.

Here sleeps Hiroko Han
From 1978 to 2017, and from 2038 until 2523
may she sleep in peace, her watch ended.


Chaotic Thoughts: Qualifications

Mags wonders what qualifications do people need to be able to voice an opinion on something? 11 Minutes