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Chaotic Thoughts: Hypocrisy

CT 911

Mags run across a image about September 11, 1973 and the reaction it has gotten from some people and the hypocrisy that seems to appear. Time: One hour and six minutes.

US Uncut on Facebook

Welcome to Night Vale Clip – Steve Carlsberg’s Monologue (From Episode 53)

Neil Diamond – America

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A.

Chaotic Thoughts: Weekend Chat

speyeder corset_001

Mags is alone today and decides to just do a Chaotic Thoughts Episode. He starts off by talking about the Mankato Pride weekend, the events and then the skeptic group he goes to Sunday and how some topics from there came up. Then delving into the character of Speyeder Farina, who is the show art today.

After that he tackles a religious article about thanking god over people for how things turn out. Talking about his life and how it has been helped by medicine, and then his thoughts on religion.


Chaotic Thoughts on Spreaker
Mankato Pridefest
God performed another miracle that so far has only killed 1400 people