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Chaotic Thoughts: Podcasting Day Episode

Mags does a 26 minute episode today. the first part is venting about things causing stress such as health, work and theater.

The second part talks about the “Ebola in the United States” story.

CNBC Ebola in the U.S. Article

Quartz Stay calm and Carry on article

September 28, 2014

The boys are back, talking about work, Pride 48, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, the six hour show and more.

Dear DC Comics, This Is Why You Shouldn’t Leave Creative Little Girls Behind


Grimes feat. Blood Diamonds – Go
Lorde – Glory and Gore

Chaotic Thoughts: Emotional Havok

So talking about Ramble Redhead and Pride 48 Vegas again for a bit. then I start talking about my emotions, which since Sunday has been what could be the start of a interesting ride.  then going into wrestling with TNA and Havok’s debut, and how it makes me feel.

Chaotic Thoughts: Pride 48 Vegas

speyeder corset_001

Since I am unable to be there this year I hijack the Pride 48 stream one  more time before the Vegas Event. I talk about my finances as the reason I can’t go this year. Then I get into missing being in Vegas with everyone, before giving a project I have for next year to dress as Speyeder and take pictures in Vegas.

Mucking about in Mags’ brain

Mags is on his own. talk starts off with talking about Pride 48 Vegas, and how he wishes he could attend. Then he talks about going to an art show for a friend and what happened there. Things then get metaphysical as he talks about interpreting his dreams and experiences in life that have helped shaped his free thinker view.