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August 17, 2014

The show starts with Mags talking about Parker Marie Malloy being a 2014 Exceptional Merit in Media Awards (EMMAs) Nominee. Then he starts talking about a article that was published called Transphobia is Perfectly Natural that caused Parker to pull her stuff off of Thought Catalog. The author, Gavin McInnes has since had some repercussions from it. Then Mags mentioned a Thought Catalog author he does enjoy reading Richard Grayson.

After the break Chaos joins the show and they talk about the new show Chaotic Thoughts. Then we talk about Robin Williams since we hadn’t covered in on this show yet then getting into the topic of depression.

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Adam WarRock-The Weather
Pharrel Williams-Happy

Chaotic Thoughts: Robotics

Mags talks about his thoughts on the CGP Grey video Humans Need Not Apply 27 Minutes

Hello Internet Podcast

CGP Grey’s You Tube
President Obama meets Japanese Robot
Best robots as of 2014

Chaotic Thoughts: The Human Test

This was initially posted in an audioboo I (Raving Rendal) did May 21st, I thought I would include it here as well since it definitely fits the theme of the podcast. 9 minutes

Ze Frank TED Talk-The Human Test

Chaotic Thoughts: Suicide

Mags again attempts to stick to a topic, this time suicide. As usually he veers off the rails quite a bit talking about percetpion, spirituality, dreams and being transgendered.

you can read the article by Matt Walsh that prompted this here: Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice


Lesbian Bed Death-Everybody’s Dead

August 3, 2014 (Mags 102)

This show starts out simple enough, just Mags chatting to fill time until Chaos can arrive. Then it slowly starts to slide into Mags 102 (listen to Mags 101 here). Mags talks about his perception of his gender and sexuality, getting into a conversation with the Chat room, namely Berry and the GFN General (Dan from the Its All About M.E. Podcast). Topics discussed include Mags’ Second Life as Speyeder Farina, Cybersexuality, and

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