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August 31, 2014 (David from the 5 by 5)

Mags is solo for the first hour today, and talks about his weekend and his new part time job at He also talks about loosing weight, now being down to 180 pounds!

After the break Mags brings in another podcaster, David from the 5 by 5 and that talk about some nerd stuff.

Links Mentioned
Lose It
The 5 by 5 on Spreaker


Professor Fresh-Save Me
Abbot and Costello-Who’s on First

Chaotic Thoughts: #ALS and Pamela Anderson

A special edition of Chaotic Thoughts today as Chaos Infintium and Raving Rendal tackle an interesting twist in the #ALS Ice bucket Challenge, which date has raised $70.2 Million. This is a VERY inflamatory episode, listen at your own risk.

Links Mentioned

Pamela Anderson Rejects Ice Bucket Challenge Because Of ALS Animal Testing History
Facebook post that brought about this conversation (link might not work for public, but is here to present what brought this about).
The most current article from ALS on the funds raised from this “Fad”

Chaotic Thoughts : Hogan and Lesnar

Today’s topic is wrestling, specifically the heat between Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar. If you are a Hogan fan I suggest you skip over this >.> 26 Minutes.


WWF Rowdy Roddy Piper 1st Theme
WCW Big Van Vader 2nd Theme

Chaotic Thoughts: Battle of the Sexes

Mags commenting on a topic of feminism vs sexism. He discovered this via the Angry Atheist video Not A Feminist, Not A Sexist and then the AronRa video Reconsidering Norms, thinking a lot of the problems between the two has to deal with the times and conditions in which they were raised.
Mags ends up saying it is time to drop the phrase battle of the sexes and suggest replacing it with the phrase working toward gender equality.

27 Minutes