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February 23, 2014

Dan from It’s all about M.E. comes on to chat with Chaos and Rendal today. After the break Chaos and Dan, along with Toppie Smellie in the Pride 48 chat room, tackle the Bad Dragon site.

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Bad Dragon

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Chaotic Interview: JC Little, the Animated Woman

Chaos Infintium and Raving Rendal get a chance to sit down with the Animated Woman, JC Little.

The Animated Woman
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My Life Me
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Little Animation 4 Kids

Get the Last Snowman by JC Little on Createspace.

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February 9, 2014 ( and Announcements)

Chaos and Rendal are back again and the first topic is Russia and the Sochi Olympics. We switch to Uncle Kage’s Winestream on, and then talk for about about our podcasts and people we would like to interview.

Facebook photo article. Talking about the Mibbit Chat room for Pride 48. General chat before talking about Shia LeBeouf and his antics during the Nymphomaniac premiere.


JC Little, The Animated Woman, will do an interview
with us at 2PM EST on Pride 48 Sunday the 16th.

Chaotic Ravings will be hosting a Pride 48 Cards aginst
humanity on Google Hangouts Saturday the 15th.

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Chaos Infintium’s
Raving Rendal’s
Watch Uncle Kage’s Winstreams on You Tube
Rule #34

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February 2, 2014 (FtBCon2 and other stuff)

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Chaos is late so Rendal starts talking about the FtBConscience2 panels he has seen; Myths and Facts About trans People (the one he first saw which got him interested), Between A Rock And…:Non-Binary Gender in Atheism, Trans* Representation in Video Games, Cthulhu’s Minion: Evil Gods for Atheists & Trans Men and Trans Masculinity. For more FtBCon videos click the year for the playlist; 2013 & 2014. Rendal then starts talking about his views on religion, God and being a deity. Also talking about his two personifications of Death from the one created by Neil Gaimen and one from the comic Jack. Then Chaos makes his way and drags the chat over to the Super bowl, which Rendal is no fan of.

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Pete Seeger, Maximilian Schell & Phillip Seymore Hoffman all died this week. Brief mention of J.K. Rowlings talking abour Ron and Hermione. The movies Big Ass Spider!Street Fighter, the Spiderman movies, also Batman Forever. Cards Against Humanity, including the possibility of hosting a Cards Against Humanity game on Pride 48 Sunday’s 6:30PM-7:30PM EST.


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