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October 20, 2013 (Anthony Interview Attempt)

So today wasn’t one of our better days >.> Just as the show would start the computer crashed, and didn’t get back up and running until over a half hour later >.<

Add the fact Rendal is still suffering from some undisclosed plague and Skype Connection issues and you have one Big Ball O’ Mess.

It is only a bit over an hour, We will try and get the interview done though sometime this week and will do it live if possible,

To see more stuff from Anthony check out his YouTube Channel

Check out the Battlescars Indie Gogo page

October 6, 2013 (Convention Concerns)

We start off with a quick mention of the other stations we have shows on then hop into our favorite geek topic, gaming.

During this we also talk about the Eurogamer incident and discuss our thoughts on the equality movement as well as conventions and cosplay.

After the break we continue into the topics of Cosplay and gender issues. Chaos goes on an epic rant about the government shut down which wears us out.

Break Music

Clips from Welcome to Night Vale Episode 9-Pyramid
Pop will Eat Itself-Babylon
::wumpscut::-Crucified Division
Professor Fresh-I’m The Eye