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May 25, 2014 (Rendal is fed up)

Rendal goes off on Chaos for yet again no showing, then talks about a Michigan story, before playing the Finite Exposure show from May 19, 2014 with guest Professor Fresh.

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Michigan Politician Compares Gays To Nazis, Rejecting Anti-Discrimination Bill

Chaotic Update (It was just a question)

So I posted a question on the Pride 48 group regarding this post from Zinnia Jones’ Free Thought blog, simply wondering what it was referring to since I am a fan of Zinnia. Today I got a very ugly response from Donna Suggarz, and well I responded. If I piss anyone off, just remember this is just throwing back what was given to me. I’m done with the being the bigger man and letting things fester inside me just so others won’t get upset.

Edit: Corrected Donna’s name.

December 15, 2013 (short but not sweet)

VERY short episode, just Rendal trying to fumble his way through for about 20 minutes. after telling about how life grinds to a halt when you get stitches, the show basically ends.

Happy Birthday to Vittoria Conn 🙂 to celebrate we play Runaround.