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The Doctor is in (1 Hour 21 Minutes)

Mags starts off with some odd chatter. Then after pulling in Chaos in for some more blathering. We just dive right into the deep end with the announcement of the new actor playing the doctor. Talk then goes to comic movies, before delving into the Furry Fandom.

The new Doctor is revealed –

Fridged –

The Doctor’s Speech –

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No show

Due to the inability yet for SAM to connect to the stream, which I have no idea why it doesn’t work but B.U.T.T does. We did an amazing show and only at the end figured out that Chaos’ stream never recorded. So yeah disappointed.

July 6, 2014 (Assery and Lacism or Rendal’s Mind is Blown)

Assery and Lacism or Rendals Mind is Blown

We start off with some Skype, and then get into chatting, topics including race, Cards Against Humanity, work & health,

What is it with goats?

Tiny Ghosts

Break Music

Gorillaz-Stylo (Album Version) (feat. Mos Def and Bobby Womack)
Bomb The Bass Featuring Benjamin Zephaniah & Sinead O’Connor-Empire

June 29, 2014

We start off with talk the Pride 48 2013 Vegas video and Pride
48 in general before going into Gay Pride in Seattle. Then we talk about Chaos and get into conversation with the chat room.

After the break, we catch up with Chaos and what he has been through.

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Break Music

Dan Le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – Waiting for the beat to kick in

And the Band Played On

hug me

I have long respected the HBO movie And the Band Played On. For the first time in a few years I was able to watch it thanks to Netflix. I did good watching it until I saw the above picture, at which point I broke down.

I took to the Pride 48 stream to talk and it was hard, but I had to speak while I was still vulnerable, before the wall was repaired.


Carter Burnwell-And the Band Played On

Elton john-The Last Song

June 22, 2014 (Pride 48 June After Show)

Mags starts up the after show for the Pride 48 June Weekend Event. It starts with Christian from Pleased to Meet You. There is a break with Mags talking with the chat room, before Christian returns and they are joined by Romo from Podcubs.

Topics discussed

& More

May 25, 2014 (Rendal is fed up)

Rendal goes off on Chaos for yet again no showing, then talks about a Michigan story, before playing the Finite Exposure show from May 19, 2014 with guest Professor Fresh.

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Michigan Politician Compares Gays To Nazis, Rejecting Anti-Discrimination Bill

Chaotic Update (It was just a question)

So I posted a question on the Pride 48 group regarding this post from Zinnia Jones’ Free Thought blog, simply wondering what it was referring to since I am a fan of Zinnia. Today I got a very ugly response from Donna Suggarz, and well I responded. If I piss anyone off, just remember this is just throwing back what was given to me. I’m done with the being the bigger man and letting things fester inside me just so others won’t get upset.

Edit: Corrected Donna’s name.